JC Neha Singhania Agarwal
Zone Coordinator - National Projects & JCI week

Educational Qualification : Masters in finance, B.Ed.

Joined JCI in 2019 as a Charter Member in JCI Dibrugarh Royals.

Presently Serving as Zone coordinator of National Projects and JCI week in 2020.

JCI events attended:

1. Zonecon in 2019 at Guwahati .

2. EPS in 2019

3. CAPP in 2020

4. AOS in 2020

JCI achievements:

1. Most supporting member of the LOM Award for 2019.

2. Outstanding performance in Effective Public Speaking (EPS) Runners up award at Zonecon 2020.

She is happily married to JC Lord CA Binay Agarwal