JCI Sen. Itai Manyere

Serving as the 75th JCI President, JCI President Itai Manyere was elected and inaugurated as the 2020 JCI President during the 2019 JCI World Congress in Tallinn, Estonia. Born 37 years ago in Gweru, Zimbabwe, JCI President-Elect Manyere joined JCI Harare, Zimbabwe in 2004. He served on the Local Board and as JCI Harare Local President in 2006. From 2008, he served on the JCI Zimbabwe National Board in various capacities, eventually becoming the 2014 JCI Zimbabwe National President. 

At the international level, JCI President Manyere served as the 2015 JCI Vice President for Africa and the Middle East and was later appointed to the 2016 JCI Skills Development Committee, 2017 JCI Growth and Development Committee for Africa and the Middle East and elected the 2018 JCI Executive Vice President for Africa and the Middle East. Currently, JCI President Manyere serves as the Chief Executive Assistant to the 2019 JCI President. 

As JCI President-Elect Manyere leads in 2020, his theme is Bridge the Gap. He firmly believes, “As young people, we are responsible to shape the future we want, and it is up to us to take advantage of the opportunities presented. We must turn around the fortunes of present-day society to deliver a tomorrow fit for future generations to enjoy.”