JC Prerna Jhunjhunwala

Mobile : 96786 43714

Email : kediaprerna19@gmail.com

DOB : 11th October

DoM : 6th June

Profession: Business

Spouse : JC Ankur Jhunjhunwala

• Joined JCI Shillong Pine City as its charter member in December 2014

• Served as charter VP – Management of JCI SHILLONG PINECITY in 2014-2015

• Served as LOM Secretary in 2016

• Served as Zone Director Management – 2017

• Became Zone Trainer of Zone XXV, JCI India in the year 2018

• Graduated as NALANDIAN in 2016

• Runner’s up of Outstanding LOM Officer of the zone in 2016

• Have taken many trainings till date including team work, Goal Setting,Time Management,

Confidence Building, Positive Thinking, etc. Was also co- pilot faculty of LOTS 2020.

• B.Tech in Electrical Engineering